What is Koala?

The majority of the internet sites use an xml sitemap. It is very important that this file be correct and contain no broken URLs. There are plenty of Internet services that check the file validity only, but I never saw a service checking each URL.

I’m gonna tell you a story from my life: because of some technical bug over 500k broken URLs were added to the xml sitemap and showed the 404 error. Once again the Googlebot downloaded the sitemap.xml and started visiting all those URLs. A week later we got a message from Google saying that, “The number of errors on your site have increased”. We fixed the sitemap.xml immediately, but alas – the bot still visited those URLs for about 6 months (we check error_log all the time).

After that story we decided to build a simple service that will help you first to check your sitemaps contents before Google does it.

How to use Koala?

As simple as that! Enter the website URL in the field on the Homepage and Koala will try to find the sitemap.xml file. If you’ve got that hidden – enter the full sitemap.xml file URL. We support regular sitemap.xml as well as index sitemap – in this case the inner site maps will be downloaded.

After that you’ll be sent to the next page where you’ll see the operation progress. This page link is unique – you can save it in favorites or send to somebody.

Koala scans the site in one thread, max. 10k URLs. The big sites scanning may take up to several hours. You can leave your E-Mail and as soon as the check is finished, Koala will send a notification.

The report will show all the information on your sitemap and if there are any broken URLs found – you’ll be able to download the list.